As you have probably guessed from the heading, there are 3 main reasons why men nowadays have become obsessed with the ejaculation volume. There are 3 main reasons why YOU may want to increase ejaculation. Let’s take a look at these reasons:

#1: Ego. The number one reason is mainly for ego. Most men think that a large amount of ejaculate proves to their partners that they are indeed manly and virile. They are like those super porn stars. This reason also inlcude the fact that the satisfaction in sexual experiences is related to the amount of ejaculation. The more ejaculate, the greater number of pleasurable muscle contractions, the greater orgasm.

#2: Enhanced sexual gratification. This is applicable to those taking anti-depressants. Difficulty in achieving orgasm is a common side effect of such medications along with the decline in sex drive. Consequently, men under prescription anti-depressants are constantly searching for a safe and natural way of improving their desire for sex as well as enhance their orgasms.

#3: Fertility issues. Simply put, men wants to increase ejaculation to help their partners to conceive.

When you now see 3 main reasons to increase ejaculation, there raises another question: how to increase ejaculation?

The answer is both simple and complex. Actually, there are FDA approved products proven to increase ejaculation. The problem is that some manufacturers try to copy the formula and sell their own products. We have a list of reliable products with no side effects, endorsed by real doctors and guaranteed to work. These pills are the union of modern and ancient medicine. They contain herbs and amino acids that for centuries have been used to increase libido, sexual stimulation and virility. These ingredients have been involved in conscientious medical trials and carry doctor recommendations. No wonder these products had swiftly become leaders in this field. For the complete list of the proven products, please read the Increase Ejaculation guide.