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Ejaculation Volume Pills

December 20th, 2006 | Ejaculation Information | Comments Off on Ejaculation Volume Pills

Since sexual performance has always been a major issue that has troubled men particularly those who are suffering from erectile dysfunction or other related problems, medical science has come up with several effective solutions that boost the entire lovemaking experience. Currently, special pills that increase ejaculation are among the best-selling sex drugs available in the market. While the other drugs aim at treating erectile dysfunction or increasing a man’s sexual drive and energy, they increase ejaculation and help you produce powerful orgasms!

Full satisfaction during lovemaking does only rely on the intensity of a man’s sexual drive and energy, but a part of it also depends on how much load a man unleashes during the climax. A huge and powerful release of load will surely please a woman to the maximum level. The longer the orgasms are, the better. Today, there is a wide selection of Ejaculation Volume Pills sold in the market. All these products promise men not only two or three, but multiple intense orgasms for great sex.

Male consumers can rely on the products featured in Increase Ejaculation article. These Ejaculation Volume Pills were developed by groups of experts who focused their research entirely on the improvement of men’s performance in bed for achieving maximum pleasure during lovemaking. The doctors have developed these drugs in order to address men’s concern of achieving maximum sexual pleasure through multiple and powerful loads of orgasms.

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Sperm volume overview

December 11th, 2006 | Ejaculation Information | Comments Off on Sperm volume overview

You may pretty much have an idea where babies come from. (No, they’re not from the stork!) To put it bluntly, you need a ejaculate cell and egg cell to make a baby. During sexual intercourse, a man’s ejaculation, which is produced by the testes (testicles), is released into a woman’s cervix, which “swims” to the fallopian tube. From the millions of ejaculation cells, one penetrates the egg in a process called fertilization. From there, a single life begins.

Half of the ejaculation carries a Y chromosome (inherited from your dad) and an X chromosome (inherited from your mom). If a Y-carrying ejaculation fertilizes the woman’s egg, the result is a baby girl. If on the other hand, it’s the X-carrying sperm which fertilized the egg, then it’s a baby boy. But where does it come from? There are millions of ejaculate cells produced by your testes (testicles) everyday. Ejaculation cells undergo the natural cell division which inevitably leads to its maturation. During ejaculation, sperm is pumped into the man’s vas deferens where fructose, seminal fluids, and other chemicals are secreted. Your ejaculate hurries past the bladder through the urethra and out of your penis. This also proves the fact that if you increase ejaculation volume, you will have more ejaculation coming through your penis, this means more pleasurable contractions and the and more powerfull and greater orgasm.

In order for the ejaculate to enter the woman’s cervix, you need to experience erection, orgasm, and ejaculation. An erection takes place when your penis is stimulated or when you have an erotic thought. There is a sudden rush of blood to the erectile tissue chambers in the penis. This, in turn, engorges the penis making it hardened, enlarged and elevated. If you have problems with erection – take a look at the How to Get an Erection revew.

With continued stimulation, orgasm and ejaculation ensues. Orgasm, known as the sexual climax, is a pleasurable emotional or psychological response that accompanies ejaculation. There are two stages of orgasm: the first one, called the ejaculatory inevitability, takes place two to four seconds before ejaculation. During these crucial seconds, you may be aware that you are about to “come,” and you could not do anything to control it. Your seminal vesicles and your prostrate gland begin to throb. The second stage of orgasm takes place when you involuntarily ejaculate sperm in convulsive surges. On average, one teaspoon (2-15 milliliters) of ejaculate is pushed containing of 40 to 150 million ejaculate cells! The “first squirt” typically contains the largest ejaculation volume.

Afterwards, you go through a recovery period where you cannot experience another orgasm. This may last several minutes and sometimes for hours.

As you can notice from this short message, ejaculation is a crucial element of the sex and orgasm. If you increase ejaculation volume, you can improve your fertility, increased strength of your orgasms and even help your partner enjoy sex more. Another reason to increase ejaculation volume, right?

Ejaculation problems

December 4th, 2006 | Ejaculation Information | Comments Off on Ejaculation problems

Ejaculation is the natural culmination of a sexual act on a man’s side, be it intercourse or masturbation. It’s the vehicle of pleasure that all of us men are looking for in sex, the ultimate goal of all courtship rituals and the imperative command of our instincts. There are many ways to achieve ejaculation, ways that we have learnt from necessity and out of curiosity.

However, not everything is as good as it looks. Sexual dysfunctions are more and more common in today’s world. There may be some truth to the statement that the rising number of psychological and physical dysfunctions are the price we’re paying for the lifestyles of urban sprawls and for the ongoing pollution of our planet. But regardless of how we got here, let’s discuss a certain sexual dysfunction called “delayed ejaculation”. The term refers to the inhibition of ejaculation, which is the unfortunate situation when a man cannot ejaculate for some reason or other.

In such cases willpower is not enough to force the body to feel something that isn’t there and it’s not a good idea to force yourself anyway. It might work once or twice, but that’s about as far as this approach will take you. It’s far better to seek professional help than to suffer in silence. Therapists can suggest a way out of the problem by discussing the situation at length with both partners.

The basic idea of the treatment is to teach the two partners about sexual stimulation and response in order to help them understand their own needs. Instead of using willpower to force the mind, the partners should focus on their ability to create an intimate setting that would provide ideal stimulation and so solve the problem.

There are little tricks everybody can use to bring sex closer to an ideal situation. Relaxation always helps, which means that candle-lit rooms, romantic dinners, a bit of alcohol and perhaps some porn could prove very helpful, if both partners agree on this approach. Avoid delicate issues in conversation and focus on having fun in a relaxed way. Hug and caress instead of rushing to the sex part and be sure to take your time.

Another thing that might help is to increase sperm volume. Being able to ejaculation more sperm is likely to help in some cases. Read the complete increase sperm volume guide to get to know how to overcome ejaculation problems.