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Ejaculation volume and sex power

January 29th, 2007 | Ejaculation Information | Comments Off on Ejaculation volume and sex power

How to increase ejaculation and have enough fertility to concieve a child? However this is not the main reason to increase ejaculation. There is another one, for some men this is actually #1. Male sex power. Bigger cumshots. Being sex pornstar.

Throughout history, sex had been portrayed in a very bad light. Much more, talking about sex was considered taboo. Though given the chance to have sex with their spouse, our ancestors lived all the days of their lives with their lips sealed about their own sexual experiences. Basically, everybody was doing it, it’s just that nobody wanted to talk about it. This ancient condemnation of sex lead to thousands of myths about things surrounding sex. Most of these myths are one way or another related to men’s sexual endurance. For centuries, the penis had been the greatest symbol of power. The bigger the penis, the more powerful the man is when it comes to sexual activities. This spawned other sexual fascination, specifically with bigger cumshots. Ejaculation is known to be the other half of life. A ejaculation cell fertilizing an egg cell signals the start or procreation, which is said to be the chief purpose of sex. Both the quality and amount of ejaculation are the determining factors of a man’s ability to sire a child. The machismo culture dictates that even the number of a man’s offspring is one yardstick of masculinity. Deductively, bigger cumshots tantamount to sexual power.

You may wonder how our enchantment with cum came into being. It has been known for centuries that ejaculation is indeed the man’s seed for procreation. But in the latter half of the 20th century, we were all enticed by the magic of cum with the birth of the adult film industry. Pornographic films featured sexual acts which ended in an unconventional manner. The actor will sign his climax by ejaculating around the vaginal area, the behind, the torso, or in the face of his partner, as to the usual squirting inside the vagina. When the male reaches his climax, this marks the end of a porn scene. This provided more realism in porn movies. We see that the sexual act was real because of the actual ejaculation, and not just acted out like what is done in Hollywood. Fans of porn movies watched as the white and sticky biologicals get toyed by the actors in the end of a scene. The bigger cumshots that the man can produce, the more exciting the film would be, especially for those who have fetish with ejaculation. This niche in pornography reinforced man’s age-old fantasy of releasing more ejaculation, whether in the name of virility in procreation or for enhanced sexual entertainment. The bigger cumshots was found to have been successfully achieved by the pharmaceutical companies. Innovation of these ejaculation health medicines helped a lot of men to increase ejaculation.

Alternatives to Increase Ejaculation

January 16th, 2007 | Ejaculation Information | Comments Off on Alternatives to Increase Ejaculation

Aside from failures to get an erection and small penis size, a low ejaculation amount is another problem, which most men silently worry about. While the amount of ejaculation released by a man matters during lovemaking, having a sufficient ejaculation cells count is more than about achieving the maximum sexual pleasure. A low ejaculation is a big issue and desire to increase ejaculation becomes a matter of life and death especially when a man decides to have kids. Of course, having children is difficult if one faces the problem of infertility or inadequate ejaculation amount. Well, one may try his luck by furnishing his bedroom with fertility statues and by invoking to the gods while making love with his wife. Now, this may sound ridiculous, but seriously speaking, some couples secretly and desperately do these rituals, which obviously never work. Since ejaculation amount is a vital health issue, there are many doctors and herbalists, which have devoted their researches in order to develop SAFE pills that will allow men increase ejaculation, as well as boost the sexual life of men with problems on their ejaculation count.

These pills are usually composed of amino acids and herbal concentrates, which have been produced in South America, Europe, and China. The safety and the efficiency of this kind of products are proven by hundreds of users who attest to the good results provided by the ejaculation pill. However, you shouldn’t buy the first pill you can find. These pills should be guaranteed to work, endorsed by medical community and include only safe ingredients. You can find this kind of pills in my Increase Ejaculation review.

Ejaculation Volume

January 10th, 2007 | Ejaculation Information | Comments Off on Ejaculation Volume

A great volume of ejaculate is a growing concern among most men nowadays. Men’s health condition involves a great deal of sexual well-being and competency. With the women’s population almost double to that of men, a man is willing to get bold and daring to stand out among his fellows. Just a big penis cannot ensure victory anymore. The ability to shoot more ejaculation has gained equal billing with length or thickness. The man’s ejaculation volume is now seen as a quantitative measure of his manhood. And all men are heeding to this trend. Not wanting to be left behind, they all are willing to do a great deal of conscious efforts to affirm their virility and masculinity. They want to increase ejaculation volume.

The growing fascination to shoot more cum can be attributed to the agenda setting power of the media. The wave of the new generation of pornographic materials has started the “more ejaculation” culture. Being popular and influential among men, pornographic materials have revolutionized the idea of a great copulation. It has transformed almost all men’s views to activities relating to sex and their sexuality. Before the latter years of 20th century, pornographic materials depicted foreplays to be happening only in the privacy of a room or any confined space and only involved kissing, that foreplays automatically lead to the man penetrating the woman, then orgasm follows, and sex is over. The new generation of porns have set a totally new trend. Sex have become somehow unconventional. There’s the bondage style, role playing, outdoor tripping, and a whole lot more. A remarkable new trend seen among these new generation pornography is cumming outside the vagina, and women toying or even licking the ejaculate. This practice has brought to consciousness the volume a man can ejaculate. The new trend in pornography even showed women gaining more satisfaction if their partner can burst out more ejaculation volume. The more ejaculation volume the porn actor released, the more masculine he is portrayed.

More than its social value, clinical and medical trends have also catapulted the worth of a man’s ejaculation volume. The ejaculate cell is the seed of life. It’s existence is the other half of humanity’s proliferation. A man’s ejaculation supply should be ensured to be abundant and bountiful. Men’s health emerged as a major individual and social concern. The need to shoot more ejaculation was given more significance. Again, this entails the desire to increase ejaculation volume.