A great volume of ejaculate is a growing concern among most men nowadays. Men’s health condition involves a great deal of sexual well-being and competency. With the women’s population almost double to that of men, a man is willing to get bold and daring to stand out among his fellows. Just a big penis cannot ensure victory anymore. The ability to shoot more ejaculation has gained equal billing with length or thickness. The man’s ejaculation volume is now seen as a quantitative measure of his manhood. And all men are heeding to this trend. Not wanting to be left behind, they all are willing to do a great deal of conscious efforts to affirm their virility and masculinity. They want to increase ejaculation volume.

The growing fascination to shoot more cum can be attributed to the agenda setting power of the media. The wave of the new generation of pornographic materials has started the “more ejaculation” culture. Being popular and influential among men, pornographic materials have revolutionized the idea of a great copulation. It has transformed almost all men’s views to activities relating to sex and their sexuality. Before the latter years of 20th century, pornographic materials depicted foreplays to be happening only in the privacy of a room or any confined space and only involved kissing, that foreplays automatically lead to the man penetrating the woman, then orgasm follows, and sex is over. The new generation of porns have set a totally new trend. Sex have become somehow unconventional. There’s the bondage style, role playing, outdoor tripping, and a whole lot more. A remarkable new trend seen among these new generation pornography is cumming outside the vagina, and women toying or even licking the ejaculate. This practice has brought to consciousness the volume a man can ejaculate. The new trend in pornography even showed women gaining more satisfaction if their partner can burst out more ejaculation volume. The more ejaculation volume the porn actor released, the more masculine he is portrayed.

More than its social value, clinical and medical trends have also catapulted the worth of a man’s ejaculation volume. The ejaculate cell is the seed of life. It’s existence is the other half of humanity’s proliferation. A man’s ejaculation supply should be ensured to be abundant and bountiful. Men’s health emerged as a major individual and social concern. The need to shoot more ejaculation was given more significance. Again, this entails the desire to increase ejaculation volume.