Although good sex is good for the body and in one’s health, too much of it might cause sex-related diseases and even addiction to sex. Sometimes, this addiction begins due to good Sexual Performance that leads to frequent sex with one’s partners or with other people. As a result, that person can’t last a day without having sex with someone, even pay prostitutes just to do it. Sex with strangers might trigger the development of HIV or STD to one’s body.

During the 1800’s, in the Victorian period, women were not allowed to enjoy sex or even desire for a good Sexual Performance. In other words, women’s sexuality and its expression are repressed by society. Women were not allowed to enjoy their body as men are allowed to enjoy it. The approach for sex is procreation only. In the Victorian period, the culture is very rigid and conservative. Sex is not accepted by society. For them, it is something to be done only by man and wife. Since the sexual desires of women are not addressed, this resulted to a disease called hysteria. According to Sigmund Freud, women are usually hysterics because they have been repressed, and as a result all their repression come out in the form of hysteria. This notion is contradicted by Elaine Showalter who said that men and women can be hysterics. Hysteria for Showalter is the visual manifestation of what cannot be expressed verbally.

One of the saddest things that could happen to someone would be to find out that sex is not that good as it used to be. There can be different problems like for example you cannot get an erection or there are problem with penis size or the orgasm is not really powerfull. Fortunately, modern medicine can help men with all these troubles, you can increase ejaculation volume, increase sex drive and overall performance.