Oligospermia is a disorder happening among men, which means a man has low ejaculation volume. There are different factors responsible for this disease of reproductive system, biological and environmental among them. Some of them are: age, incorrect way of living, exposure of testicles to heating, drug consumption, smoking, improper eating habits, corpulence, riding a bike, genetic causes, harmful environmental exposure, including exposure to heavy metals, being radiated, low quantities of testicular fluid, varicocele.

Testicles being exposed to high temperatures (such as hot tubs, saunas and fever) are connected with the ejaculation volume as well, but temporarily. But fertility may be influenced negatively, if such overheating becomes too frequent.

Together with that, smoking is one more reason inhibiting ejaculation volume and ability to move. What is worse is the fact that this bad addiction not just decreases the lifetime of sperms, but causes genetic changes as well, which then influences children borne from this man. Studies also say that smoking negatively influences the sexual capabilities.

Riding a bike is one more reason of the decrease of ejaculation volume. It happens because the pressure and heat caused by the friction occurring when riding a bike negatively influence nerves and blood vessels, due to which erection occurs. Moreover, influence of shocks and extensive vibrations are harmful for scrotum, thus leading to oligospermia.

Influence of heavy metals, such as arsenic, cadmium and lead, is also a reason of oligospermia. In particular, these substances negatively influence the proper functions of certain enzymes, which are present in apical bodies forming the membrane ensuring protection of the sperm heads.