It’s now time to get back to ingredients you should look for when you want to increase ejaculation. Believe it or not, many people have no clue that they can imporve their orgasms. They treat their orgasms as something given by nature. This is not true. There are products whose primary purpose is to help us get an instant erections and longer orgasms by increasing ejaculation. And all this can be made with the help of natural ingredients.

Customers are always interested in getting the best value for their money. They don’t want to buy products that do not work or that may be hazardous for their health. We recognize this need and strive to offer the best possible mix of ingredients and to keep researching new natural solutions to your problems.

Group #1: ingredients that act upon the system as a whole.

Maca Legendary South American botanical proven to promote libido, potency and energy.

Zinc – Zinc is #1 mineral responsible for development and proper functioning of the reproductive organs and normal functioning of the prostate gland.

Hawthorne – contain powerful antioxidants and natural bioflavonoids that support the health of the entire cardiovascular system. This herb can actually help regulate both high and low blood pressure, in addition to slowly breaking down cholesterol and fat deposits in the body.

Avena sativa extract – Avena sativa is a botanical extract that has traditionally been used to increase strength, mind, spirit and body. References to the stimulating effects of avena sativa – common name wild oat straw – have been found up to 200 years ago in the German Pharmacopoeia. Modern studies at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality have shown that avena sativa aids sexual arousal.

Ling Zhi is an Asian plant known for its anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant effects. It also increases the sense of vitality and energy. The same can be said of Tian Men Dong, which helps stabilize body weight and promote a healthy sleep.

Fucus Vesiculosus balances the functions of the thyroid gland and increases energy levels.

Group #2: ingredients that stimulate the production of testosterone in the body.

They will increase ejaculation available during each sex session.

Chief among these ingredients is Zinc Oxide. Zinc is famous for playing a crucial role in the quality and motility of ejaculate. Among it’s lesser known, but just as important functions, are the metabolizing of testosterone and maintaining fertility and sexual vigor. It has been shown to increase ejaculation and ejaculate motility by 80% to 200% by aiding testosterone synthesis.

Swedish flower – Pollen, as the male cell of the plant kingdom, has a well-deserved reputation for extra vim, vigor, and virility. It provides all the biofactors that are precursors for the sex hormones, and micro-nutrients essential for healthy reproductive systems.

Another testosterone booster is Dong Chong Xia Cao, an Asian plant whose bark is also used to protect the heart and liver from certain toxins.

Group #3: ingredients that help you get rock hard erections.

They will open the blood vessels and streamline the flow of blood through the body, and especially in the pubic area. Since erections are simply blood flowing into the penis, you can easily see why blood flow is extremely important to any kind of erection. You can also see that a king size erection requires a better blood flow and a healthy cardiovascular system.

Drilizen and Hong Hua Fen will open the arteries and encourage the blood flow, while at the same time protecting the blood vessels and the heart with 4′, 5, 7- Trihydroxyflavone and San Guo Mu.

Muira puama – This Brazilian herb Muira puama, also referred to as murapuama, is mostly known for its effective help with erectile dysfunction and increasing libido and as an aphrodisiac – but is also an excellent tonic for increasing general well-being and mental tiredness.

Pine bark extract – Pine bark Extract may increase the body’s production of nitric oxide, a chemical involved in male sexual response, it may also be useful in treating erectile dysfunction.

Extensive research has led us to these ingredients, while countless hours of testing have allowed us to identify the right mix for top results. Longer and harder erections will put a big smile on your partner’s face, while you can increase ejaculation and enjoy sex more than ever. There is no risk involved, neither financial, nor health-wise. As you can see from the list above, all ingredients are perfectly safe. You can find particular products in this review: How to Increase Ejaculation.