The average amount of ejaculation produced by an average male each ejaculation comprises from 2 to 5 ml, but in some cases this amount is much lower. It is helpful to reduce a number of intercourses in order to increase ejaculation, because having sex and masturbating too often influences the properties of the ejaculation regarding its quality. A man’s body is unable to produce a lot of ejaculation every time.

Nutrition is one more important factor helping you to increase ejaculation. Each man is recommended to eat zinc-containing food, such as red meat, celery and its seeds and pumpkin. These products are very wholesome and they will contribute to ejaculation volume as well. Remember it and be sure to include these things into your daily nutrition. Take care to avoid dehydration and drink much water to avoid it, because enough water is essential to have enough ejaculation vbolume. It is quite clear that dehydration and bad nutrition leads to dysfunction of the whole body, and ejaculation production is one of the body’s important functions.

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