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Want to Increase Ejaculation?

August 10th, 2012 | Increase Ejaculation | Comments Off on Want to Increase Ejaculation?

Don’t forget that in addition to the sperm volume pills and penis enhancement exercises there are other male enhancement products you should try. For example, you can try special erection creams or oils. They can enhance your erection, increase libido and sex drive thus giving you stronger orgasm and increased ejaculation volume!

Natural Ejaculation Enhancement Methods

June 15th, 2012 | Increase Ejaculation | Comments Off on Natural Ejaculation Enhancement Methods

Every day you can be provided with 2 safe and natural ejaculation enhancement methods which will help you to increase ejaculation volume. No matter how obvious it may sound, but maintaining the adequate and proper hydration of your body is essential for its healthy functioning. The dehydration of your body may trigger a variety of dramatic health conditions, decreased amount of sperm being one of them. You will produce more ejaculate, if you receive enough water. According to the recent data, you should consume 8 glasses of fresh water to keep your body well hydrated and to have the proper ejaculation volume.

Some natural ejaculation enhancement pills can also be of great help in maintaining a healthy sperm amount, as well as in improving its quality. Besides herbs and minerals they include also such essential amino acids as L-glysine, L-carnitine, and L-arginine. In addition, your blood circulation will be much better, and penis – much stronger. You will not have any problems with erection.

Ways to Increase Ejaculation

September 13th, 2011 | Increase Ejaculation | Comments Off on Ways to Increase Ejaculation

A lot of women admit that they do not want to stay with the partner who does not satisfy them sexually. All those women want to have a partner who may give them the utter pleasure. Women like men who arouse their sexual excitement and appeal to them. They like the men who stir their blood. Male Potency is a very distinctive aspect that every woman wants her partner to possess.

As many men want to satisfy women’s requirements and to be at their best, they try to find supplements which will help them to solve their problems. But there are not only nutrition supplements you can use to increase ejaculation. There are other ways and means as well. One of them is the intake of a multi-vitamin complex. It will give your body the required amount of powers.

You should drink plenty of clear water each day. What is more, remember that regular physical exercise will keep your body fit and your male function at a decent level. In addition, watch what you eat. Say no to fast food and eat healthy and delicious food. If not quit, then at least control your smoking habits. The harm smoking does to semen count and volume as well as libido in general is scientifically proven. The same can be told about alcohol. Drink it in normal proportions. Having the due amount of rest and enough sleeping at night is also a very important aspect. And finally, active and regular sexual relations also contribute greatly to keeping sexual organs and hormones in due, healthy shape.

There are many ways to increase ejaculation. Among them the intake of natural supplements has one of the leading roles. It is for you to decide what the best is for you. Anyway, get in touch with the doctor before taking this or that supplement. Then you will be sure that the method chosen by you will have the best possible effect and you will achieve your aim, you will increase ejaculation. Leave your worries aside. Choose the best volume pills and they will work!

Performer5 Pills

July 4th, 2011 | Increase Ejaculation, Volume Pills | Comments Off on Performer5 Pills

Performer5 belongs to a brand of pills that can enhance ejaculation naturally. This remedy will provide you with hard erection. It will raise your sexual desire and will make you more passionate. This will bring to more frequent sex, which will end in its turn with ejaculation. Some men are not satisfied with their erections. They do not like its amount and the performance leaves much to be desired.

But there is a chance to improve the situation. There is an opportunity to achieve the goal and enhance the performance. Men can apply to Performer5 pills which let men enjoy the fullness of life and return healthy sexual life. The natural pills are based on natural components and are clinically proven. With their assistance men can ejaculate five times more than usually and get more pleasurable sex.

According to the Performer5 forum, these pills affect your organism and contain a set of nutrients which are needed for effective orgasms and good ejaculations. If you do not have enough of them then your organism will not be able to create much semen, necessary for fantastic orgasms. The daily menu does not provide people with everything they need and therefore people should take supplements. Right nutrition makes person healthier in all respects. It helps him to boost libido, increase ejaculation and make sex better.

Best ways to Increase Ejaculation

August 21st, 2010 | Increase Ejaculation | Comments Off on Best ways to Increase Ejaculation

The average amount of ejaculation produced by an average male each ejaculation comprises from 2 to 5 ml, but in some cases this amount is much lower. It is helpful to reduce a number of intercourses in order to increase ejaculation, because having sex and masturbating too often influences the properties of the ejaculation regarding its quality. A man’s body is unable to produce a lot of ejaculation every time.

Nutrition is one more important factor helping you to increase ejaculation. Each man is recommended to eat zinc-containing food, such as red meat, celery and its seeds and pumpkin. These products are very wholesome and they will contribute to ejaculation volume as well. Remember it and be sure to include these things into your daily nutrition. Take care to avoid dehydration and drink much water to avoid it, because enough water is essential to have enough ejaculation vbolume. It is quite clear that dehydration and bad nutrition leads to dysfunction of the whole body, and ejaculation production is one of the body’s important functions.

Performer5 is a volume pill that consists of zinc, extract of pomegranate, L-arginine and Mucuna Prurience. This drug contains no harmful chemical substances, it has been approved by doctors as a highly efficient male power enhancement product. The world most famous porn stars take it, because they know this drug really and reliably increase the amount of ejaculation produced, leading to strong ejaculations, fantastic libido and strength of erection. Everyone knows what porn stars do to surprise the spectators with strong and long-lasting erection. Only one pill a day is a key to the best sex you can ever have.

Increase Ejaculation Pills

March 19th, 2010 | Increase Ejaculation | Comments Off on Increase Ejaculation Pills

One should consider taking volume pills for either increasing ejaculation volume for a better quality of sexual life or improving male fertility.

Lecithin is needed for every cell in the human body; it helps our organism to absorb nutrients and vitamins. It is very beneficial for men as it increases sexual drive, ejaculation volume, and makes orgasm brighter. It also solves premature ejaculation problems. It is not uncommon for actors in adult movies to consume lecithin in order to prevent low ejaculate volume.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine is made naturally in the body; it is required for membrane stabilization and is the most important form of carnitine in semen. It plays a significant role in the process of ejaculation maturing and metabolism, is an energy source for semen, and helps forget about low sperm motility and increases semen quantity.

While taking Vitamin C, you decrease ejaculation abnormalities at the same time increasing your semen quality and volume. You will also avoid sperm clusters and protect your semen from being damaged. With Vitamin C you will not worry about your ejaculation count.

Muira Puama is considered to be an excellent herb to help those who suffer from erectile dysfunction. It is cultivated in Brazil, and has been used for a long time as a perfect means that excites sexual desire and stimulates nerves. It is proved to be safe and effective in enhancing sexual urge and excitement.

Increase Ejaculation Volume

February 12th, 2010 | Increase Ejaculation | Comments Off on Increase Ejaculation Volume

Men, unlike women, have always been worried about their reproductive organs and their performance in bed. Their penis is so significant as it represents men’s manliness and sexuality. You may see men who are successful in seducing almost all women they meet in most Hollywood movies.

It is recommended for men to lead a healthy lifestyle, which means being engaged in regular physical activity and keeping a healthy diet. You will notice a better function of your reproductive organ during sexual intercourse. It is also advisable to reduce intake of alcohol and drugs as it may lead to infertility or even impotency. A well-balanced diet together with volume pills will Increase Ejaculation Volume and make your sex life more enjoyable.

It goes without saying that low ejaculation volume may become a serious reason for breaking up a relationship. Thus, you may suffer not only from impotency but from loneliness and mockery as well. More and more women decide to divorce if their husbands cannot make them pregnant. Do you want to avoid such a situation?

Smoking, drinking and ejaculation volume facts

August 12th, 2009 | Erection Problems, Increase Ejaculation | Comments Off on Smoking, drinking and ejaculation volume facts

– According to a study conducted by the Section of Endocrinology of the Lahey Hitchcock Medical Center, Burlington, Massachusetts, smoking causes a significant drop in the number of spontaneous erections that happen during sleep.

-These erections are one of the telltale signs of a good blood flow and a healthy sex life. A decrease in their frequency or intensity is a sure sign that erectile dysfunction is close by. The study has also shown that refraining from smoking for as little as 24 hours brought about a dramatic increase in the quality of spontaneous erections. Smoking is also the root of many other problems, including lung cancer.

The Department of Psychiatry from the University Medical School of Lubeck, Germany, published a study proving that heavy drinkers suffer more often from erectile dysfunction than occasional drinkers.

– Alcohol tends to induce a pleasant state of relaxation and is generally thought to have a positive effect on the libido. However, alcohol is a suppressant and has a major negative impact on the libido. It also makes it harder for men to achieve and maintain an erection.

The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, which is managed and operated by the University of California, has conducted its own study regarding the effects of smoking among teenagers. The study revealed that smoking has a disastrous impact on the ejaculation volume.

– This means that teenagers who are heavy smokers are jeopardizing their chances to have children and also increasing the risk of having children who suffer from various genetic problems due to the damaged DNA received form the father or mother.

The University of Berne, Switzerland, has backed this finding by unveiled the results of its own research. Statistical analysis conducted in Switzerland demonstrated significantly lower ejaculate quality in smokers compared with nonsmokers. Semen concentration in ejaculate was also strongly affected.

Strong PC Muscle For More Ejaculate

July 3rd, 2009 | Increase Ejaculation | Comments Off on Strong PC Muscle For More Ejaculate

How Can I Make My Ejaculate Shoot Out? 

This is one of the most common questions from males. We all want that ejaculation that squirts out across the room instead of those small ejaculations that just trickle or dribble out. The good news is that you can improve the “shooting power” of your ejaculation with just a couple minutes a day doing a simple excercise to strengthen your PC muscle.

What Is A PC Muscle?

If you ever started urinating and then squeezed to stop it in the middle of the process than you have already used your PC muscle.

Having strong PC muscles means having longer lasting, strong, and shooting ejaculations. Therefore, it is in your best interest to strengthen your PC muscle through constant exercises. PC muscle exercises can be done just about anywhere since the only person that will know you are doing them is yourself.

By rapidly squeezing and relaxing your PC muscles during intercourse not only heighten your sexual responsiveness, but can increases your female partners stimulation. When a woman squeezes her PC muscle, many men say they feel like the vagina felt tighter. When a man squeezes his PC muscle, many women report feeling like they felt extra pressure on the top part of their vaginal walls(the most sensitive part), and some even claim that their g-spot gets stimulated.

PC Muscle Excerises

Here are some PC muscles exercises you can use to strengthen your PC muscle:

o Squeeze your PC muscle and hold for the count of 5, repeat ten times.
o Squeeze your PC muscle ten times fast, repeat 3 times.
o Squeeze your PC muscle in intervals of long / short for a count of 10, repeat 3 times.
o Squeeze your PC muscle and hold as long as you can. Work your way up to 2 minutes.

Remember to repeat PC muscle every day for at least 2 months and you will notice you can increase ejaculation volume!

How To Increase Ejaculation Volume

June 19th, 2009 | Increase Ejaculation | Comments Off on How To Increase Ejaculation Volume

There exists a couple of factors that may affect a man’s ejaculation volume. A man’s age, diet, health, and heredity are just some of the key factors. The eagerness to increase ejaculation volume means that a man should be aware of the influences the aforesaid factors play. For instance, a man’s age plays a major part in increasing ejaculation volume. Aging is oftentimes accompanied by a low sex drive, thus it brings about infrequent engagement in sexual activity. A reduced sexual activity eventually makes ejaculation reservoir stop accumulating supply.

There are ways to increase ejaculation volume. Increasing sexual activity causes increase in volume albeit only to some extent. Improving a man’s blood circulation is also one way to enhance the ejaculation volume. Some say that including smoke oyster in one’s diet also increase the amount of your ejaculation. Oysters contain zinc which is beneficial to the prostate gland. Anabolic steroids apparently also help in an increased quantity, although this is not advisable as this only causes temporary improvement.

There are some supplements a man can take in order to increase ejaculation volume. A lot of these supplements are readily available on the internet. These supplements, like volume pills, promise a 100% guaranteed improvement in the quantity. However, this does not mean that they are ALL 100% safe. More often than not, immediate results does not exactly suggest that it is healthy. The best way to go is to improve all aspects of your life as well.

Avoiding bad habits such as drinking and stopping smokingcan also contribute to increase ejaculation volume. Apart from a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water is also helpful. Regular exercise is also beneficial as it keeps your blood circulation normal, which is essential in ejaculation. All these can eventually lead to an amplified ejaculation volume. To increase ejaculation volume is no longer a cumbersome problem for men these days.